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Concrete Repair

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Concrete Leveling and LiftingUsing leveling and lifting, we are able to restore uneven slabs of concrete without having to completely replace them!

There are likely many concrete features in and around your home. When installed and maintained properly, it can be beautiful and durable. Our concrete contractors Boise Idaho make it a point to add beauty to your home in any way we can. This may include:

    • Street Creep 
    • Cracked or Uneven Driveways
    • Uneven or Cracked Sidewalks
    • Concrete sealing
    •  Pool deck repair
    • Concrete Lifting and Leveling 
    • Pool decks
    • Street Creep
    • Concrete staircases,
    • Shop floors
    • Curbs
    • We offer a variety of concrete-related services. To name a few… leveling, Polishing, Grinding, Demolition, Removal, Saw Cutting, and more!
concrete contractors boise idaho
concrete contractor boise idaho

Lifting and Leveling FAQ

How do I know if I need my concrete leveled?

If you have noticed uneven floors or gaps and cracks in doorways, you could need interior slab leveling and concrete repair Boise!

Why should I get my concrete leveled now if it hasn’t been an issue?

It may not have caused any issues yet, but when left unrepaired, it could cause serious issues down the line that may cost much more to repair.

What can you do to fix my uneven floors?

Our licensed concrete contractors Boise Idaho will assess your unique issues and recommend the best course of action for you.