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Crawl Space Repair

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  • Many people view their crawl space as a dark, dirty, even scary place in their home that they want to avoid as much as possible. The crawl space of a home typically houses some important things such as your furnace, pipes & plumbing, and other electrical for the home. So, if you did not already know, your crawl space is important! Therefore, you should take good care of it by having any structural repairs taken care of and waterproofing done!
  • Why waterproof my crawl space? A crawl space is located underneath the home. This area is exposed to high temperature and moisture during the summer. And, as your home sits on exposed earth, it is also exposed to frozen ground, frost, and possible water accumulation. Because of the conditions these seasons create for your crawl space, there can be some unfortunate situations! You can prevent these inevitable unfortunate events by having your crawl space waterproofed!

We hire only the best of Boise contractors to service your home and that includes the structural repair and waterproofing of your crawl space!

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3 More Reasons to Waterproof Your Crawl Space: Mold, Wood Rot, and Pests

  • Wood Rot is caused by fungus and fungus occurs when a crawl space that is not waterproofed is exposed to humidity. The fungus will grow in the wood framing of the crawl space resulting in wood rot. This will cause the wood to become brittle. As you can guess, this is not good for your home and can cause other structural issues throughout your home. 
  • Mold is caused by sitting moisture in a space. Since the purpose of a crawl space is to allow for proper air flow through the home, if you have mold in your crawl space you can guess what is in your air… Mold! 
  • Pests are attracted to dark, damp places where they can be sheltered from the elements. A crawl space that has not been waterproofed is the perfect spot for these pesky pests!
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