Foundation problems is probably one of the worst fears that homeowners have regarding their home. Having a problem with your foundation will continue to decrease the value of your home until it gets fixed. 

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Foundation Repair

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Should I Repair or Replace My Foundation? Typically, it is more cost effective to have concrete repair Boise than foundation repair Boise. Rarely do we find a foundation that needs to be fully replaced rather than repaired. It is a case-by-case basis though! 

We know you want to find a concrete contractor Boise Idaho who will be honest, thorough, and efficient. Below you will find more information on what we offer to help your costs in foundation and concrete repair Boise.

Why should I fix my foundation? It is important to have foundation repair Boise done, because a cracked or compromised foundation will lead to more structural issues throughout the home. The longer an issue goes un-repaired, the more problems, cracks, etc. that will arise which will also cause the overall cost to continue to rise.

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What to Look For to see if you need a Foundation Repair in Boise

  • Bowing foundation walls: This will look like your wall is bending inward rather than a usual straight wall.
  • Settlement and cracking: When your foundation settles, if can cause serious issues, cracking is one of these issues. Our concrete contractors Boise Idaho can help properly fix these cracks.
  • Sinking floors over crawl spaces: If your foundation is in need of repair, you may notice uneven or sinking floors specifically over a crawl space.

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More Interior problems to look for:

  • Uneven or sloping floor
  • Interior doors jamming
  • Mold and rot in the crawl space
  • Cracks in floor
  • Cracks in interior wall
  • Inward bowing walls
  • Sagging floors over a crawl space
  • Hard to open windows and doors


Exterior problems to look for:

  • Tilting chimneys
  • Cracks in exterior walls
  • Street creep
  • Collapsing retaining wall




Cost of Foundation Repair

Foundation repair cost: Factors that will be included in determining your foundation repair Boise cost include:

    • The type of foundation is one of the biggest factors. There are 3 main types of foundations: pier and beam, monolithic slab, and t-shaped foundation. The type of foundation your home has will greatly affect the cost because each type of foundation requires different materials or different amounts of materials.
    • The stability of the soil is another factor. Some soils have greater shrink-swell potential, and erosion is a big factor in soil stability as well. 
    • The size of your home and the repair size. The size of your home will affect the cost because more repair area means more cost, less area to repair means less cost.
    • The extent of foundation settlement. This refers to the amount a structure has been unleveled due to settling.
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