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Foundation Inspections

foundation inspections boise

Our contractors can also come and do an in-depth inspection of your home’s foundation. We have contractors that specialize in foundation repair Boise Idaho!

Foundation inspections are a common practice when buying or selling a home. Real Estate home inspections benefit both the buyer and the seller. The buyer can use the inspection to find any issues the home may have, specifically structural and foundational issues. 

If there are any, knowing about them and having documentation from an official inspection report can give a buyer leverage to negotiate the selling price in their favor. A seller can also use an inspection to their advantage. If the seller has taken preventive steps in ensuring the foundation is taken care of, the inspection can reveal this and the seller can use that to negotiate the price in their favor.

It is important to have a professional concrete contractor Boise Idaho conduct an inspection on a home so that you can be aware of the condition. It is typically done during the buying process, to ensure all parties are aware of the state of the foundation. 

As a buyer you would want to know if there was anything you needed to do to repair or restore a home prior to purchase to avoid any unexpected, potentially expensive, surprises. A home inspection contingency can be added to the contract, so after signing but before closing you have the opportunity to back out of the sale without penalty if by chance the inspection report identifies any major issues to the home.